Ambassadeur Hotel: Edgewood Point Long Beach

A Renaissance in North Long Beach

Long Beach, California, is witnessing a renaissance, according to City Councilman Al Austin. While the coastal and downtown areas have traditionally attracted more outside investments, the working-class neighborhood of North Long Beach has been overlooked. However, in recent years, developers have injected tens of millions of dollars into the area, transforming it.

Uptown Commons and The Uptown Retail Center

Frontier Real Estate Investments kickstarted the revitalization with the opening of Uptown Commons, a retail development at 6600 Atlantic Ave. This project, featuring eateries housed in modular steel shipping containers, has brought a fresh and vibrant atmosphere to North Long Beach. Moreover, Westland Real Estate Group is currently developing The Uptown Retail Center, an outdoor mixed-use retail center that will also incorporate steel containers.

The Beat and Edgewood Point

Shaheen Sadeghi, known for creating the LAB Anti-Mall and Anaheim Packing District, is transforming North Long Beach with his upcoming project, The Beat. The development will combine townhomes, retail spaces, and mixed-use projects, further enhancing the neighborhood’s appeal.

Irvine-based City Ventures is also joining the renaissance with their latest project, Edgewood Point. Located at 5070 Long Beach Blvd., this housing development consists of 38 three-story solar-powered townhomes. Ranging from 1,330 to 1,535 square feet, these units feature two-car garages, rooftop solar panels, and energy-saving appliances. Each unit is thoughtfully designed to offer comfort and sustainability.

Reinvigorating a Once-Blighted Land

The site of Edgewood Point was previously a blighted and vacant land owned by the city. City Ventures acquired the site for $2.2 million in July. Ryan Aeh, senior vice president of Land Acquisitions at City Ventures, expressed his excitement for the project, emphasizing its alignment with other developments in North Long Beach. Aeh believes that Long Beach possesses untapped potential and is eager to contribute to the city’s growth.

Long Beach’s Sleeping Giant

Edgewood Point is City Ventures’ second project in Long Beach, following the successful sell-out of their initial project, Huxton, in 2019. Aeh anticipates that Edgewood Point will be completed by the end of this year. Additionally, City Ventures is breaking ground on 18 three-story townhomes nearby, further meeting the demand for for-sale housing in the area.

Investing in the Future

City Councilman Al Austin recognizes the significance of these new projects in North Long Beach. He describes the transformation as a “long time coming,” particularly for the neglected land on Long Beach Boulevard. Austin commends companies like City Ventures for their investments, which bring vitality and value to the community.

A Heart of Renaissance

Austin believes that the heart of this renaissance lies in North Long Beach, making it one of the most promising areas for investment in the city. The City Ventures Edgewood Point project aligns perfectly with the diverse and thriving environment of the neighborhood.

Ambassadeur Hotel is thrilled to witness the revitalization of North Long Beach and the incredible development happening in the area. We look forward to welcoming visitors who come to admire the reinvigorated neighborhood and enjoy the comforts of Edgewood Point.