1. Introduction

Hello and welcome! This is the disclaimer for https://hotel-ambassadeur.com. What’s it about? Protecting both you and us. While we’ve poured effort into the site’s content, it’s essential you know the boundaries.

2. Website Information

Our content? We aim for accuracy. But, as the saying goes, to err is human. So, the information on our site:

2.1. Might Not Be Exhaustive: It’s a glimpse, not the entire panorama.

2.2. Could Be Outdated: The world spins fast. Some details might lag behind.

3. Third-party Websites Stumbled upon an external link? Tread cautiously.

3.1. No Affiliation: We don’t necessarily endorse them.

3.2. Different Policies: Their rules aren’t our rules. Dive into their fine print.

4. Liability Limitation

Unfortunate but essential: We can’t be held responsible for:

4.1. Any direct, indirect, or accidental damages arising from using our website.

4.2. Decisions you make based on our content.

5. Copyright and Intellectual Property

All content? Property of Ambassadeur Hotel. Unauthorized use? Strictly prohibited.

6. Policy Alterations

Seasons change. So might this disclaimer. We’ll keep this space updated, but it’s a good idea for you to check back periodically.

7. Get in Touch

Hesitations, clarifications, or suggestions? We’re here.

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