Finding the Perfect Roommate on Craigslist: Who to Look Out For

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Moving to a new city can be exciting, but finding the ideal roommate to share your living space with can be challenging. When friends aren’t an option, many people turn to Craigslist to search for roommates. With numerous postings under categories like “rooms & shares” or “sublets & temporary,” you’ll find different living situations, apartments for rent, and housing options. However, it takes time and effort to sift through the listings and find a suitable match.

While some people have found success on Craigslist, there are often horror stories about the types of roommates you can encounter. So, read on to learn about the six different types of Craigslist roommates you might come across.

The Bff-You-Didn’t-Ask-For

These roommates tend to share a lot about themselves in their posts. They introduce themselves with statements like, “Hey, future roommate! I’m [name], an [age]-year-old [male/female] from [place]. I’ve been living in [city] for [number] years, studied [thing] at [school], work at [job].” While they may be nice people at heart, you’re looking for housing, not a new best friend. Their posts may describe the apartment in detail, highlighting its coziness, amenities like Netflix and Hulu, and the unbeatable housing deal. While some people appreciate the specifics, others find this approach a bit off-putting and consider it a red flag.

The Contractor

These roommates often mention a temporary arrangement in their posts, indicating that they may be out of town for a specific period or that a previous roommate left before the lease ends. They treat the situation as a business deal and expect you to do the same, often requiring a background check, credit check, proof of minimum income, and even a criminal record check. They function like landlords and are meticulous about money matters, including security deposits.

The Basic One

You’ve probably seen these profiles over and over again. They describe themselves as “down to earth,” “adventure-loving,” and “enjoy hanging out with friends.” Although they state that they don’t want the party brought home and claim to be drama-free, it’s hard to gauge who they really are as roommates. While there’s potential, it’s challenging to determine if they’re just ordinary or an exceptional fit for you.

The Ghost

These postings on Craigslist are the most mysterious ones. They lack pictures and only provide a few lines of description. Although they may offer housing at a reasonable price, their communication is minimal. They rarely reply to emails and only provide brief answers over the phone. They have no social media presence and don’t divulge much about their personal life, such as their workplace or hobbies. They prefer to keep things quiet and private, which may or may not work for you.

The Fussy One

Being honest about expectations is crucial for compatibility. However, some people take it to the extreme by publishing an exhaustive list of requirements. They may insist on a “creative/laid-back female,” cleanliness, or prohibit visitors. While listing preferences can show personality, it can also create the impression that they may be challenging to live with. While it’s essential to establish boundaries and preferences, it’s more respectful to keep them general in public and discuss specifics privately once you’ve made a decision.

The Duo

When searching through Craigslist, you’ll come across many couples looking to rent out a room. They often describe themselves as quiet and mostly keeping to themselves, which seems appealing at first. You might even get a private bedroom and bathroom in a spacious apartment, splitting the lease and paying only your portion. However, living with a couple can be challenging because, like any duo, they have their disagreements, no matter how nice they are individually.

Where to Find Normal Roommates…

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