Cleveland Tour Action: A Review of Forgiving Irons for High Handicappers

Cleveland Tour Action Irons

“The Cleveland Tour Action irons were made to resemble blades but provide the forgiveness of cavity back irons.” This statement perfectly captures the essence of the Cleveland Tour Action irons, a unique combination of design and functionality. In this review, we will explore whether these irons still hold up and if they are suitable for high handicappers.

The Uniqueness of Cleveland Tour Action Irons

One striking feature of the Cleveland Tour Action irons is the “Micro Cavity.” This design innovation includes five small chambers on the back of the topline. These chambers serve to lighten the upper part of the clubhead, effectively shifting the center of gravity downward. This feature not only enhances forgiveness but also facilitates better weight distribution towards the perimeter of the head. Additionally, Cleveland’s patented Vibration Absorption Technology further enhances the performance of these irons.

Visually, the Cleveland Tour Action irons have a clean look. They sport a cavity back design with progressive offset, providing a confident setup at address. Although they are not mistaken for blades, the relatively thin top line and ample face depth eliminate thin shots. However, some players might encounter slight digging issues.

Forgiveness for High Handicappers

Are the Cleveland Tour Action Irons Forgiving for High Handicappers?

One of the greatest assets of the Cleveland Tour Action irons, especially for high handicappers, is their generous sweet spot. With just a few swings, it becomes evident that the expansive sweet spot allows for consistent, satisfying contact. The long irons, featuring pronounced offset, might not appeal to everyone visually, but they provide excellent forgiveness. This combination of offset and a large sweet spot makes managing the long irons a breeze.

The large cavity back design disperses weight towards the perimeter of the clubhead, significantly reducing the impact of common mis-hits. Distances achieved with these irons are slightly above average, and the dispersion remains reasonably tight when staying within the scoring lines. However, it is worth noting that off-center shots result in increased spin and decreased speed, leading to wider divergence and reduced carry distance.

Cleveland Tour Action vs. Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Irons

“The Cleveland Launcher XL Halo’s are hybrid irons with a hollow body design.” If you are looking for extreme forgiveness without compromising workability, the Cleveland Launcher XL Halo irons are worth considering. However, it is important to mention that these irons come equipped with counterbalanced shafts, which might feel unfamiliar to some players. Therefore, the Cleveland Launcher XL Halo irons are most suitable for those who are just starting out in the game.

In conclusion, the Cleveland Tour Action irons strike an impressive balance between performance, forgiveness, and aesthetics. They effectively bridge the gap between game improvement and players performance, making them a solid choice for high handicappers seeking an upgrade. Explore the Ambassadeur Hotel to elevate your golfing experience.