Say Goodbye to Baggage Woes with the Cincha Travel Belt

Whether you’re jet-setting for business or embarking on a dream vacation, there’s one universal challenge that all travelers face: the cumbersome task of lugging your bags from one point to another. We’ve all experienced the anxiety of our bags slipping, falling, and potentially damaging our precious belongings. If only there was a convenient solution to securely attach your personal bag to your rolling luggage. Well, look no further than the Cincha Travel Belt!

Introducing the Cincha Travel Belt

The Cincha Travel Belt is a stylish and practical solution to the often frustrating experience of traveling with heavy bags and suitcases. This best-selling travel accessory features a high-quality strap and buckle designed to secure your personal bag to your luggage effortlessly. No more straining your back and shoulders – this handy and chic-looking accessory takes the weight off your tired limbs, allowing you to travel with ease.

How to Use the Cincha Travel Belt

Using the Cincha Travel Belt is a breeze. Simply slide, cinch, and go! The belt’s stretchy slip easily fits over your luggage handle, while the buckle clicks your personal bag securely into place. It’s quick, convenient, and perfect for travelers on the move.

Cincha Travel on Shark Tank

Cincha Travel, based in Oakland, California, and established in 2019, took center stage on the hit TV show Shark Tank in April 2023. Co-founders Ashley Sharma and James Baker introduced their ingenious product as a stylish solution to a common travel problem. The Cincha Travel Belt caught the attention of the sharks, earning compliments from Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary. In the end, Barbara Corcoran saw the potential and made a $200,000 deal for a 25% stake in the business.

Key Features of the Cincha Travel Belt

Let’s take a closer look at some of the noteworthy features that make the Cincha Travel Belt a must-have travel companion:

Parts and Specifications

The Cincha Travel Belt boasts several essential components. The matte black quick-release buckle, made of durable metal, allows you to easily click your bag on and off while on the go. The belt itself is crafted from nylon elastic material, providing a secure hold on your bag without squeezing too tightly. With its adjustable band that can expand up to 45 inches, this belt is designed to accommodate various bag sizes. What’s more, the entire accessory weighs just 7.8 oz, ensuring it won’t add unnecessary bulk to your luggage. Other features include a secret slip that attaches to your luggage handle, an elastic fitter for an extra snug hold, high-quality stitching, and stylish vegan leather accents.

Design and Customization Options

The Cincha Travel Belt offers a wide range of design options to suit your personal style. With 20 attractive patterns, prints, and color combinations, you’ll find the perfect belt to complement your bags and travel outfit. Opt for a bright and bold color or a distinctive pattern to make your bag easily identifiable at the airport. If you prefer a more understated look, choose from neutral colors and classic designs. For those who like to stay on-trend, the Cincha Travel Belt even offers seasonal designs, allowing you to keep your style fresh throughout the year. To add a personal touch, consider having your travel belt debossed or handpainted with your initials.

Shipping and Return Policy

Regular orders typically ship within 72 hours, with U.S. orders arriving in 3-5 business days. Personalized orders may take slightly longer, around 2-3 weeks, to ship. International orders may have a longer shipping time, ranging from 7-21 business days depending on your location. Rest assured that all orders are fully tracked for your convenience. Cincha Travel also offers a full refund for items returned within 30 days, excluding personalized orders.

Cincha Coupon Code

As a special treat for our readers, Cincha is offering a 10% discount! Simply enter the code MINIMALGOODS at checkout, or click here for the discount to be automatically applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the founder of Cincha?

Ash Sharma is the founder of Cincha Travel. Alongside her fiance, James Baker, she established the company in 2019 in their apartment in Oakland, California. With over ten years of experience building brands, Ash serves as the marketing director, while James brings his expertise as a civil rights attorney to the table.

Did Cincha get a deal on Shark Tank?

Absolutely! Cincha Travel successfully secured a deal on Shark Tank in April 2023 with investor Barbara Corcoran. Barbara’s offer included $100,000 in cash and an additional $100,000 as a line of credit in exchange for a 25% ownership stake in the business.

In Conclusion

The Cincha Travel Belt is a game-changer for travelers seeking a stress-free and stylish journey. Boasting an appealing appearance, versatile features, durability, and ease of use, this travel accessory is a worthwhile investment. Although it may take longer for personalized and international orders to arrive, and the product range is still expanding, the Cincha Travel Belt remains an exceptional choice. Fasten your bag securely and bid farewell to back and shoulder strain with Cincha!