The Inspiring Legacy of Charles and Frances Hunter

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Charles and Frances Hunter, also known as the Happy Hunters, have left an indelible mark on the body of Christ as two of the most anointed and energetic healing evangelists in the world. Their ministry has impacted countless lives and continues to resonate across the globe. Join us as we delve into their extraordinary journey and the transformative power they possess.

A Worldwide Impact

With a footprint spanning 49 nations, Charles and Frances Hunter have witnessed awe-inspiring healings everywhere they have ministered. Their anointing transcends borders, and even in the United States, they have experienced the same remarkable results. Bogotá, Colombia, served as a testimony to the power of God, where they witnessed a hundred people rise from their wheelchairs in a single service. Their ministry has graced television screens across the globe, further amplifying their message of hope and healing.

A Focus on Back Problems

Back problems afflict a staggering 80% of the world’s population, and Charles and Frances Hunter were determined to address this widespread issue. Their healing meetings consistently demonstrated their expertise in ministering to those suffering from back ailments. Their mission was not only to provide healing but also to empower people to become vessels of healing themselves.

Books and Videos That Transform Lives

The Happy Hunters authored more than 72 highly influential and best-selling books, with their flagship work, “HOW TO HEAL THE SICK,” being translated into 85% of the world’s languages. This incredible feat ensures that individuals across the globe can access their teachings in their own native tongues. Additionally, they produced 7 to 15 hours of video and DVD content on the subject, effectively impacting lives worldwide. By attending their meetings, immersing oneself in their videos, and absorbing their written works, life-altering changes become imminent.

Carrying the Torch

After the passing of Frances Hunter in July 2009, their daughter, Joan Hunter, took the reins of Hunter Ministries. Joan’s anointing surpassed even that of her parents, and she too became a prolific author and worldwide traveler. For over 35 years, Joan traveled alongside Charles and Frances, co-pastoring a church in Dallas for 18 of those years. Currently residing in Pinehurst, Texas, Joan’s ministry is centered on equipping believers to carry the healing power of God beyond the confines of the church. Her focus lies in addressing the root causes of sickness, such as stress, unforgiveness, and generational curses, ensuring lasting freedom from ailments.

The Charles and Frances Hunter Library

The Charles and Frances Hunter Library boasts an impressive collection of books that continue to impact lives. Some noteworthy titles include “A Daily Declaration Brings Us Closer To God!,” “Angels On Assignment,” “God’s Big Handbook For Healing,” and “How To Heal The Sick.” These powerful resources, along with countless others, offer profound insights into healing and spiritual growth.

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