The Perfect Chandelier for High Ceilings

You’ve invested in beautiful pieces to decorate your home, but nothing quite captures attention like a stunning chandelier. With its intricate details and graceful lines, a chandelier becomes the centerpiece of your living room, drawing everyone’s gaze. While chandeliers have been around since the 1700s, it wasn’t until the 18th century that they evolved into more ornate designs made of wood and silver. Today, they continue to exude timeless beauty and functionality.

Homes with high ceilings are particularly suited for these elaborate creations, as they provide ambient lighting, become visual focal points, and effortlessly complement negative space. However, choosing the best chandelier for your high ceiling can be a daunting task. The market is flooded with numerous types and styles. That’s why we’re here to simplify your search. Our curated list of the finest chandeliers for high ceilings will inspire you and help you narrow down your choices. So, let’s dive in!

1. Modern Chandeliers

No contemporary luxury home is complete without modern chandeliers gracing its high ceilings. These chandeliers incorporate design elements inspired by contemporary art. While many of them boast minimalist styles, you can also find sleek and innovative designs that showcase modern aesthetics. They are the perfect choice for high ceilings in modern homes.

2. Luxury Chandeliers

Luxurious homes pay attention to even the finest details. Traditional luxury chandeliers with metallic finishes and teardrop crystals, available in silver and gold, are the epitome of elegance and sophistication. These chandeliers perfectly match high ceilings, creating a captivating ambiance.

3. Geometric Chandeliers

Geometric patterns and designs have been in vogue across various home decor items, including chandeliers. These chandeliers are a fantastic choice for high ceilings and homes with a modern style. Opt for simple geometrical designs, like spherical chandeliers, or add a unique twist with abstract-shaped contemporary chandeliers.

4. Round Minimalist Chandeliers

A round, minimalist chandelier can add an elegant charm to living spaces with high ceilings. These stylish chandeliers make perfect centerpieces for your living room, while also complementing bedrooms and lounge areas. To enhance the overall look, ensure you install them with a dazzling bright light source.

5. Classic Chandeliers

Drawing inspiration from the chandeliers of old churches and castles, classic chandeliers are the epitome of timeless beauty. They are a perfect addition to homes with high ceilings, as they exude an aura of tradition and sophistication. Classic chandeliers never go out of style.

6. Candle Chandeliers

If you love traditional designs in your home, a candle chandelier is a perfect choice. These chandeliers emulate the blueprint of the very first chandeliers, but with electric candle-shaped lights instead of real flames. You can even find candlelight chandeliers that blend tradition with contemporary styles.

7. Crystal Chandeliers

One of the most popular and recognizable types, crystal chandeliers, can be found in luxury hotels and high-end stores. They are the epitome of luxury and fill your living space with an exquisite and glamorous ambiance. Crystal chandeliers are perfect for creating ambient light in your living room with high ceilings.

8. Rustic Chandeliers

Contrary to popular belief, chandeliers don’t have to be extravagant and grand. For those who prefer minimal and simple designs, rustic chandeliers are a perfect fit. These chandeliers add a touch of sleek minimalism to your high-ceilinged home, maintaining a modern and understated decor.

9. Drum Shade Chandeliers

Drum shade chandeliers provide a soft and warm ambiance to any living space they grace. These chandeliers are ideal for dining rooms, providing just the right amount of light while enhancing the overall aesthetic with their modern design.

10. Starburst Chandeliers

When you want to make a bold statement with a single chandelier, a starburst chandelier is your best bet. These chandeliers feature a mid-century style, with the fixture hanging from the center and thin rods protruding outwards. Sputnik-style chandeliers embody this modern design.

11. Spherical Chandeliers

Spherical chandeliers captivate with their simple and sleek design, making them a perfect fit for high ceilings. With a variety of styles available, they suit almost any living space in your house. They are also great for outdoor lighting.

12. Traditional Chandeliers

While trends come and go, time-honored traditions remain eternally relevant. Traditional chandeliers add a classic touch to your spaces, especially when installed above your dining table or in the center of your living room. These chandeliers have stood the test of time and are admired by all.

13. Victorian Chandeliers

The exquisite aesthetics of the Victorian era continue to captivate even after all these years. Victorian chandeliers are highly sought-after fixtures, perfectly suited for homes with high ceilings and interiors inspired by this iconic era.

14. Nautical Chandeliers

Nautical lighting draws inspiration from rustic shipboard or lighthouse decor. Nautical chandeliers embellish your interiors with exposed light bulbs and heavy-metal brackets, making them an excellent choice for high and even vaulted ceilings.

15. British Colonial Chandeliers

Colonial chandeliers are inspired by the lighting style of the British Empire. These regal and elegant fixtures perfectly complement traditional homes with high ceilings. They exude an air of formality and sophistication.

16. Genuine Alabaster Chandeliers

Genuine alabaster is a highly sought-after mineral known for its unmistakable texture and translucence. It is the perfect material for creating an ambient environment in your living space. These exquisite chandeliers are best showcased as the centerpiece of your living room.

17. Leaf and Flower-Themed Chandeliers

Nature’s lovely patterns and textures have always been a source of inspiration for home decor, including chandeliers. Leaf and flower-themed chandeliers are perfect for living rooms with farmhouse interiors and high ceilings, bringing the beauty of nature indoors.

18. Architectural Chandeliers

Architectural chandeliers are functional lighting fixtures, primarily designed to provide bright and uniform illumination. While the design can vary, their versatility makes them ideal for high ceilings and homes with ample negative space.

19. Glass Art Chandeliers

Chandeliers are delicate pieces of art in their own right. Glass art chandeliers, with their elegant glass shades surrounding the lamps, reflect light beautifully and draw the eyes of every guest as they step into your home.

20. European Influence Chandeliers

Europe, the birthplace of chandeliers, continues to influence their elegant designs. Luxurious European homes are perfectly suited for these continental chandelier styles. They also add a touch of grandeur to traditional and Victorian abodes.

21. Wrought Iron Chandeliers

A classic and durable material, wrought iron adds rustic elegance to your home through chandeliers. These reliable fixtures have been used throughout history and remain a popular choice for their simplicity and strength, making them a perfect fit for high ceilings.


How do I choose a chandelier for a high ceiling?

  • Consider the Height: The height of the chandelier should depend on the height of your ceiling. As a general rule, allow 2.5 to 3 inches of chandelier height for every foot of the ceiling height. For example, a 12-foot ceiling would require a chandelier that is 30 to 36 inches in height.

  • Consider the Size: Chandeliers come in various sizes, from large and ornate to minimal and sleek. Choose a chandelier that is one-half to two-thirds the width of your dining room. This will make it the focal point while blending harmoniously with your home decor and avoiding any collisions with other fixtures.

  • Consider the Shape: For high ceilings, opt for linear chandeliers with an elongated shape to visually occupy vertical space.

How do I make a chandelier longer for a high ceiling?

To make a chandelier longer for a high ceiling, you can use chandelier extension chains or cords. However, keep in mind that extending the suspension of the chandelier will require upgrading the wiring, which is best done by a professional.

In conclusion, when you have a home with tall ceilings, you need a captivating statement piece that not only provides ambient lighting but also adds an artistic touch to your living space. The best chandeliers for high ceilings fulfill these criteria, transforming your ceilings into works of art. We hope our carefully curated list has helped you find the perfect chandelier for your home!

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