Canadian Club Reserve


Canadian Club Reserve (9 Year Old) is a renowned Canadian whisky brand known for its rich history and exceptional quality. In this article, we will explore the unique characteristics of Canadian Club Reserve, its recent revamp, and provide an honest review of this renowned whisky.

The Legacy of Canadian Club

Canadian Club Whisky is not just the oldest Canadian whisky brand but also one of the most influential in the world. With a presence in over 150 countries, Canadian Club has consistently dominated the Canadian whisky market for years. It has even received Royal Warrants from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II. Interestingly, Canadian Club was the preferred whisky during the prohibition era, with Al Capone smuggling numerous cases into the USA.

The Revamped Canadian Club Reserve

Recently, Canadian Club has made some exciting changes to its whisky lineup. One of the notable revamps is the Canadian Club Reserve, which has transitioned from a 10-year-old blend to a 9-year-old blend. The new version of the whisky comes in a sleek square bottle, complementing the brand’s Western Canadian Rye whiskies, such as Alberta Springs. The label now proudly bears the words “Triple Aged,” indicating that the whisky has been matured for a minimum of three times the required aging period for Canadian whisky (9 Years = 3x 3 Years). This revamped version aims to closely replicate the original flavor profile of the previous 10-year-old blend.

Review: Canadian Club Reserve (9 Year Old)

In the Bottle 4/5

The Canadian Club Reserve stands out among the brand’s lineup due to its rye-forward profile, similar to the original Canadian Club Premium. To match this character, the new version is presented in a bottle that resembles Alberta Springs, one of Canadian Club’s Western Canadian Rye whiskies. The label design has been updated, providing a consistent look across the brand’s portfolio. The bottle’s only downside is the metallic screw-cap, which, personally, I find less reliable than a plastic cap or cork stopper.

In the Glass 9/10

Pouring a glass of Canadian Club Reserve reveals a captivating mahogany-colored whisky with hints of orange and gold when held up to the light. The initial aromas consist of rich butterscotch, oak, cedar, and a subtle touch of maple. With time, the aromas evolve to include corn, spicy tobacco, oak vanillans, orange marmalade, and a sprinkle of rye spice. Delightful chocolate and honeycomb notes also emerge, adding to the overall complexity.

In the Mouth 51/60

As the whisky reaches the palate, it delivers a pleasant spiciness accompanied by flavors of butterscotch, maple, and a notable corn undertone. The combination creates an image of cornfields with towering oak and cedar trees in the background. Additional nuances of vanillans, baking spices, and a touch of milk chocolate provide depth to the flavor profile. While some may find the spiciness slightly overpowering, adding an ice cube enriches the sipping experience.

In the Throat 13/15

The finish showcases the whisky’s chocolatey side, as milk chocolate-covered wood spices take center stage. Creamy butterscotch and maple persist alongside the lingering rye spiciness, which adds a subtle astringent quality. This slight spiciness may take some getting used to, but it gradually becomes an enjoyable characteristic.

The Afterburn 8.5/10

I am genuinely enthusiastic about the new 9-year-old Canadian Club Reserve Whisky. It is on par with, if not superior to, the previous 10-year-old version. The flavors, particularly the chocolate-covered finish, captivate my taste buds, and the harmonious interplay between the robust rye presence and the evolving sweetness of maple and butterscotch is truly delightful.

Suggested Recipe: The Woodcutter

To fully savor the Canadian Club Reserve Whisky, try mixing a refreshing rye cocktail called “The Woodcutter.” This cocktail is perfect for enjoying leisurely on warm evenings after a hard day’s work. Here’s the recipe:

  • 1 1/2 oz Canadian Club Reserve Whisky
  • 3/4 oz Triple Sec
  • 3/4 oz Lime Juice
  • 4 large ice cubes
  • Dry apple cider

Mix the first three ingredients in a tall Collins glass with ice. Top it off with dry apple cider. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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In conclusion, the Canadian Club Reserve (9 Year Old) is an exceptional whisky that lives up to its reputation. The recent revamp has only enhanced its quality and flavor. With its enticing aroma, well-balanced taste, and a satisfying finish, this whisky is a true gem. Whether you prefer sipping it neat or in a cocktail, Canadian Club Reserve is a delightful choice. So, why not treat yourself to a bottle and experience the excellence of Canadian whisky craftsmanship?

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