Bottled Water From France

The French are renowned for their refined tastes in food and beverages, including wine. While this may not necessarily imply an abundance of water sources, France proves to possess not only a palate for bottled water but also some of the best-bottled water brands globally.

French Bottled Water Comparison

Bottled Water

List of Bottled Water From France

  • Evian
  • Perrier
  • La Sasse
  • Saint-Geron
  • 808


Evian stands out among bottled water brands for its exceptional taste, rich mineral content, and balanced pH value. Despite its total dissolved solids (TDS) count of 345 mg/L, surpassing the set threshold, Evian is still consumed as regular drinking water due to its pleasant flavor. The water originates from the French Alps, goes through a natural fifteen-year underground journey, and resurfaces nearby the town of Évian-les-Bains, thoroughly cleansed of impurities and enriched with minerals. Notably, Evian is eco-conscious, practicing ethical, sustainable, and carbon-neutral production.


Perrier played a significant role in popularizing bottled water among Americans in the 1970s, emphasizing its class, healthy living, and unique taste. As a naturally carbonated mineral water brand, Perrier experiences lower total dissolved solids levels (475 mg/L) compared to others. Its mineral makeup, primarily calcium, contributes to bone health and muscle function. Perrier meticulously blends water and gas during bottling to ensure consistent taste and carbonation. As a result, Perrier’s green glass bottles have become iconic.

La Sasse

La Sasse collects its water from the highest point on the Mont Blanc Massif, ensuring its purity and organoleptic quality. With a total dissolved solids count of 205 mg/L, La Sasse offers a sweetish taste that has earned the brand numerous taste awards. The brand’s 74cl frosted glass bottles, adorned with simple lines, pay homage to the shale stone from which the water emerges.


Saint-Geron, one of France’s most popular mineral water brands, boasts rich mineral content and a balanced profile. The water passes through volcanic geological formations for 1,100 years, shedding impurities and acquiring mineral salts. With a total dissolved solids count of 1,158 mg/L, Saint-Geron offers a host of electrolytes, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, silica, sulfate, and chloride. However, individuals with cardiac conditions should note its higher sodium content.


808 is a young brand that sources its water from the Sainte Victoire mountain in southern France. The water benefits from natural filtration capacities provided by Urgonian limestone, resulting in naturally pure and mineral-rich water. With a total dissolved solids count of 246 mg/L, 808 offers a balanced mineral makeup and a neutral taste. Its moderate levels of essential minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium, make it a great choice for conscientious hydration.

Bottled Water from Other Countries

If you enjoy French bottled water, you might also be interested in exploring bottled water from other countries, such as Spain, Italy, and Canada.

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