The Best Bird Feeders for Your Apartment Balcony

Installing a bird feeder on your apartment balcony is a wonderful way to invite a variety of birds to your space and improve their overall well-being. If you’re looking for the perfect bird feeder for your balcony, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll explore the best options for apartment balconies, provide insights on how to create a DIY bird feeder, and share essential considerations before you start bird feeding.

Can You Have a Bird Feeder on Your Apartment Balcony?

Before setting up a bird feeder, it’s important to check with your landlord or complex to ensure that it’s allowed. Once you have the green light, consider the safety of the birds. Avoid placing the feeder near electrical wires or air conditioning units. There are various ways to position a bird feeder on a balcony, such as hanging it over the railing or using a bird feeder pole. If you don’t want to invest in a manufactured bird feeder, you can simply use a spare dish or bowl. Another option is a deck-mounted bird bath that hangs over the balcony railing, which can attract birds with glistening water and a fountain feature. Whatever method you choose, opt for a big and colorful feeder to catch the birds’ attention.

Finding the Perfect Bird Feeder for Your Apartment Balcony

Living in an apartment with a small balcony? Consider getting a feeder that fits on the balcony railing to attract a wide range of bird species. With plenty of bird feeder options available, it’s essential to choose the right one based on your budget, preference, and balcony space. Did you know that some bird feeders even come equipped with speakers that play recordings? Offering a mixed seed mixture will attract a diverse array of species.

The Best Bird Feeders for Apartment Balconies

To help you select the best bird feeder for your apartment balcony, we’ve curated a list of reasonably priced options:

1. Bird Feeder for Balcony Railing

The Deck Rail Bird Feeder is a popular choice for its affordability, quality, and user-friendly design. This bird feeder, made of thick steel, comes with two separate trays that can hold bird seeds and water. It’s easily set up in just a couple of minutes, making it an excellent choice for attracting birds to your balcony railing.

2. Bird Feeders for High-Rise Apartments

If you live in a high-rise apartment, consider using a hanging bird feeder made of metal. These durable, waterproof feeders are easy to fill and clean. They attract various bird species, from finches to sparrows and orioles. Plus, you won’t have to worry about squirrels eating the food. Ensure that your balcony bird feeder is securely attached to your balcony and hangs inside to avoid any risk of falling.

3. Window Bird Feeder on Your Balcony

A window bird feeder is a fantastic option to attract birds to your home. These feeders can be easily installed on your balcony-facing windows. They provide a convenient way to observe birds and are great for new gardeners. To attract more birds, use colorful food and clean the feeder regularly.

4. Balcony Hummingbird Feeder

To attract hummingbirds to your balcony, install a hummingbird feeder in a sunny spot close to your balcony window. The Ruby Hummingbird Feeder is a popular choice, as it’s colored red (hummingbirds’ favorite color) and can hold hummingbird nectar for up to four birds. Remember to place the feeder near visible flowering shrubs or use red ribbons or flowers to make it more visible to hummingbirds. Keep the feeder clean and fresh to ensure their well-being.

5. DIY Balcony Bird Feeder

Creating a beautiful DIY bird feeder is a great option for attracting local birds and making a thoughtful gift. You can find simple tutorials online that require basic tools. Watching birds visit your handmade feeder will be a rewarding experience.

How to Hang a Bird Feeder on Your Balcony

Choosing the right location for your bird feeder is crucial. Opt for a sunny spot that attracts many birds. Consider the specific preferences of the bird species you want to attract. For example, hummingbirds love flowering plants like lilies and marigolds. You can hang a balcony rail feeder securely using a clamp mount or use suction cup feeders or freestanding poles as alternatives.

Attracting Birds to Your Balcony Feeder

Attracting birds to your balcony is easier than you might think. Simply adding bird food to your feeder will usually do the trick. Additionally, planting small flowers like sunflowers can attract a variety of bird species while adding beauty to your balcony.

Providing Water for Birds on Your Balcony

Birds need clean water to drink, so it’s important to provide a water source on your balcony. Using a waterfall fountain bird bath is an excellent way to ensure fresh water for your feathered visitors.

Installing a Deck Bird Feeder

To install a deck bird feeder, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose the ideal location on your deck or balcony for optimal bird watching.
  2. Mount the feeder using a railing clamp, screw, baluster mount, or deck hanger.
  3. Once the hanger is installed, place the feeder in the desired location.

A deck bird feeder allows you to observe a variety of birds up close and personal, providing an enriching experience.

Final Thoughts on the Best Bird Feeder for Your Apartment Balcony

Finding the perfect bird feeder for your apartment balcony doesn’t have to be complicated. Identify the best spot available, clean the area, add colorful flowers, and select a suitable feeder that meets your needs. Making a DIY balcony bird feeder is also a simple and affordable option if you have the necessary tools at home. Lastly, if you enjoy a vibrant balcony, consider attracting butterflies as well.

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