Discover Bella Bella Beach: A Nature Preserve Paradise

Shoreline Restoration Study Unveiled

PenMet Parks proudly presents the Tacoma DeMolay Sandspit Nature Preserve Shoreline Restoration Study. Dive into the details and learn more about the efforts to preserve the beauty of this pristine beach.

A Captivating Property

Description: Embrace the allure of Fox Island DeMolay Sandspit, an exquisite five-acre retreat nestled on the northwest tip of Fox Island. Acquired by PenMet Parks in 2010, this park safeguards its natural wonders while accommodating select activities.

Visitors are kindly reminded that Bella Bella Beach, also known as DeMolay Sandspit, is a Nature Preserve located in Fox Island, WA. While public beach access is limited in the greater Gig Harbor/Fox Island area, the Sandspit and Nature Preserve offer the opportunity for low-impact activities, prioritizing the conservation of vegetation and wildlife. To ensure its ecological sustainability, the beach prohibits off-leash dogs and preserves its delicate vegetation. Let’s honor these guidelines to maintain the integrity of this precious haven.


To monitor the beach’s usage and uphold its distinct charm, PenMet Parks has increased its staffing at DeMolay Sandspit this summer. By assessing the impact of visitors, PenMet Parks will adapt rules and attendance limitations, aiming to protect the property while fostering a harmonious community. Remember, parking is available in the designated area above the entrance. Please refrain from parking on the roadway near the preserve; access can be gained through drop-off or from legal parking locations nearby. Let’s show respect for the private property owners in the vicinity, ensuring lawful parking.

Amidst the summer season, the Tacoma DeMolay Sandspit (affectionately known as Bella Bella Beach) flourishes as a sought-after destination. With its mesmerizing landscape, breathtaking vistas, and endless saltwater possibilities, it offers an unparalleled environment to revel in the warmth of long summer days. During these peak periods, typically spanning from Memorial Day to Labor Day, PenMet Parks provides an on-site attendant to ensure an extraordinary experience for all visitors and neighboring beachgoers.

Since 2018, PenMet Parks has partnered with a private staffing firm, Seattle’s Finest Security & Traffic Control, to serve as on-site park attendants. Their duties encompass educating visitors about park regulations, enforcing these guidelines, and offering assistance to patrons throughout the vibrant summer season at DeMolay Sandspit. Additionally, these dedicated attendants diligently oversee parking arrangements, directing cars to designated areas rather than the roadway. This year, Seattle’s Finest Security & Traffic Control extends its services, safeguarding both the Sandspit and the Fox Island Fishing Pier by ensuring the gates are securely locked each night.

For more detailed information about the Sandspit, please visit PenMet Parks – DeMolay Sandspit Nature Preserve. Should you have any questions or wish to offer feedback, reach out to PenMet Parks at (253) 858-3400 or email [email protected]. Urgent park-related matters outside of regular business hours can be addressed by calling (253) 255-0555.

Cherish the DeMolay Sandspit Experience

The DeMolay Sandspit is an extraordinary place that thrives when appreciated by all. To ensure everyone’s enjoyment, let’s observe the following guidelines:

  • Park only in designated areas along the fence or in the parking lot, avoiding parking on Bella Bella Drive.
  • Preserve the natural splendor by leaving items undisturbed where you find them.
  • Keep pets on a leash at all times, respecting both other visitors and the environment.
  • Please note that alcohol, open flames, and fireworks are strictly prohibited.
  • Let’s remain within the boundaries of the preserve, being mindful not to trespass onto neighboring properties.

This property is one of PenMet Parks’ waterfront sites designated for non-motorized watercraft use, aligned with the state’s Cascadia Marine Trail and supported by the Washington Water Trails Association (WWTA). Additional information can be found on the WWTA’s website here.

Peninsula Metropolitan Park District warmly invites you to explore other beach access parks in the area, such as Narrows Park and Sunrise Beach Park.

Discover the Beauty of Local Parks

Property Features

  • Cushman Powerline Trail
  • Fox Island Fishing Pier
  • Hales Pass Park
  • Harbor Family Park
  • McCormick Forest Park
  • Narrows Park
  • Rosedale Park
  • Rotary Bark Park
  • Sehmel Homestead Park
  • Sunrise Beach Park
  • Tubby’s Trail Dog Park

Embark on an adventure and experience the wonders of nature in these remarkable parks.

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