Beach Club Paros

The Greek island of Paros is a paradise for those looking to escape the stresses of everyday life and let loose. With its idyllic coastline, constant sunshine, and bustling beach clubs, Paros is the ultimate destination for a perfect getaway.

Cabana Beach Bar Restaurant

Located near Paralia Parikia Beach, Cabana Beach Bar Restaurant offers a trendy spot overlooking the ocean. With lavish cabanas and plenty of sunbeds, this beach club provides options for everyone. Whether you’re a group of partygoers, a couple in search of fruity cocktails, or a family seeking relaxation, Cabana Beach Bar has got you covered.

Monastiri Beach Bar & Restaurant

Situated in the coveted neighborhood of Monastiri, Monastiri Beach Bar & Restaurant combines serenity, gastronomy, and hospitality, making it the ideal place to unleash your playful spirit. With two separate bar areas, professional bartenders, and a Mediterranean-inspired menu, this beach club is a must-visit.

Rebel Beach Bar

Rebel Beach Bar is located on the breathtaking Golden Beach and offers a unique experience. With a plush daybed area, regular singalongs, and a variety of activities such as scuba diving and windsurfing, this beach club has something for everyone. Enjoy a refreshing Rebelaki cocktail while basking in the sun.

Santa Maria Beach Bar

Santa Maria Beach Bar is the epitome of luxury beach clubs in Paros. Situated on the pristine shores of Santa Maria Beach, this club offers top-notch cocktails, delicious food, and world-class DJs. Indulge in fine champagnes, Greek salads, and acai bowls while enjoying the lively atmosphere.

Sal Y Mar Beach Lounge

If you’re traveling with your family, Sal Y Mar Beach Lounge is the perfect choice. Located in the quieter end of Golden Beach, this beach club offers elegant beach lounges, aromatic coffee, fresh salads, sparkling wines, and even ice cream for the little ones. Let your kids enjoy windsurfing while you relax and soak up the sun.

Zazala Beach Bar & Restaurant

Zazala Beach Bar & Restaurant is renowned as one of the best beach bars in Paros. With its picturesque location, traditional decor, and live music events, this beach club offers a unique and enjoyable experience. Relax on a bean bag, savor a Margarita and a Titi sandwich, and let the sound of the waves wash over you.


For a romantic drink and a memorable date, Faragas is the go-to beach club for couples and honeymooners. Located on Faranga Beach, this club offers exquisite seafood, refreshing cocktails, and a romantic atmosphere. Enjoy the clear blue seas and the stunning surroundings while sipping on a carefully crafted drink.

Golden Beach Club

Situated on the east coast, the Golden Beach Club is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the sunshine. With its all-day beach bar, offering a variety of cocktails and Mediterranean snacks, this club provides a relaxing atmosphere with views of Naxos in the distance. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try diving lessons with Paros Divers next door.

Beach Club Wrap-Up

Paros is known for having some of the best beach clubs in Greece. Each part of the island offers a range of options, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for you. Don’t waste any more time – make a reservation and dance the day away at one of these incredible beach clubs in Paros. Alternatively, take a refreshing swim at one of the beautiful beaches on the island.

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