Beach Club Cartagena: Discover the Best Beach Clubs for an Unforgettable Vacation

Cartagena Beach Man Cocktail

As you begin planning your trip to Cartagena, you may come across articles complaining about the city’s beaches. While it’s true that some Cartagena beaches have a less than stellar reputation, we’re here to help you get the most out of your vacation.

We know the secret to truly enjoying a beach day in Cartagena – it’s all about the beach clubs.

Don’t have time to read the whole article? Check out this quick guide to the best beach clubs in Cartagena, or book a Day Pass at Blue Apple Beach (trust us, it’s one of the best!).

Over the past few years, the beach club scene in Cartagena has exploded, thanks to the city opening up to international tourists and discerning locals seeking more than just a day trip to a public beach like Playa Blanca.

So, ignore those posts that paint Cartagena beaches in a negative light. You’re in the know now, and get ready for sun, sand, and so much more!

Here’s Our “Cool Kids” Guide to the Best Cartagena Beach Club Spots!

Blue Apple Beach Club, Tierra Bomba

You’ll find the best beach clubs on the island of Tierra Bomba (10-20 minutes away by boat) and a little further out in the Rosario Islands (45 minutes away by boat). As a general rule, as soon as your view of the city disappears, you’re out of the bay, and it’s these beach clubs that offer the clear blue water you’re searching for.

However, not all beach clubs are the same! Before you go, consider how much time and money you want to spend and, most importantly, the kind of beach vibe you’re looking for.

Beach Club Options

Every beach club featured here offers the option to visit for the day (un pasa día), which is perfect if you’re short on time, traveling in a big group, or want to party and then return to your villa or hotel in the city for the evening.

Keep in mind that the vibe is often quieter and more relaxed on weekdays compared to weekends when the beach clubs get busier and some host special events with DJs, entertainment, and dancing. One exception is Bora Bora, which offers music and dancing every day of the week. Alternatively, head to Amare on a Tuesday for “Industria on the Beach” and see how the locals take a day off in Cartagena!

If you have more time or are a serious beach lover, consider staying overnight at one of these beach clubs. We highly recommend Blue Apple Beach on the island of Tierra Bomba and Gente de Mar on Isla Grande in the Rosarios. Both offer excellent accommodation if you want to extend your beach stay beyond one day!

Best Cartagena Beach Clubs for a Party

Cartagena loves to party, so start your day early with a boat to Bora Bora, and you can party all day long on the beach, any day of the week. It’s a great choice for groups of friends, bachelors, and bachelorette parties. Although the beach is small, the club overlooking it is extensive, and the view is fantastic. Book the VIP pass with us, and we’ll make sure you get the best spot.

Closest to Cartagena, just 10 minutes away by boat, is Fenix Beach – where you’ll find a laid-back festival vibe, a large white sandy beach, beautiful natural sculptures for a photo, and a large pool that’s often surprisingly quiet. During the day, you’ll enjoy two vibes – a DJ on the beach and a DJ in a cute booth further back. By night, be prepared to dance around a fire pit with an amazing view of the city in the distance.

Best Beach Clubs for a Day on the Beach

Amare, Tierra Bomba

Amare may be one of the newest beach clubs, but it’s already a firm favorite among locals craving a beach day without the crowds of tourists or vendors. Located on the far side of Tierra Bomba at a beach called Playa Linda (beautiful beach), Amare is a gem of a place. Think white sands, blue sky, clear and clean waters. You’ll find excellent cocktails recommended by all the city’s bartenders and delicious, satisfying, design-your-own bowl-style lunches. This beach club is truly for those in the know seeking the coolest of local Cartagenero culture!

Head further out to the Rosario Islands and visit Gente de Mar, the only beach club boasting not one, but three picture-perfect beaches! As you spend your day in the sun, you’ll come across some well-known Instagram hotspots. Relax, snorkel, or explore Isla Grande by kayak or on foot. This place is perfect for a romantic getaway, especially if you choose to stay the night and enjoy the sunset away from the crowds.

And last but not least, don’t forget Fenix Beach. Set in the bay of Cartagena, it offers a wonderful view of the city, a long white sandy beach dotted with beach beds, a bar, a DJ, and even a dragon (yes, really!).

Best Cartagena Beach Clubs to Relax and Treat Yourself

Makani is a new luxury beach club located on Tierra Bomba island. If you have the budget and want to indulge in one of the biggest beach club pools in Cartagena or enjoy a spa wellness experience, this is the place for you. We highly recommend Makani for a day of pampering and indulgence, with excellent options for food and cocktails.

Although Blue Apple is lively on weekends, it’s one of the best options for relaxation during the week. In addition to the beach, pools, food, and wine, you can explore the island on horseback, take a tour to discover how Fundación Green Apple is creating opportunities for locals, go diving, or get a massage. If you have the time, consider staying the night in one of the five amazing bungalows with their own plunge pools.

Choose Your Beach Club

So, do you now believe that Cartagena can fulfill your beach dreams? Whatever beach club experience you desire, Ambassadeur Hotel is here to help you choose the best place for your day or extended stay in paradise. If you have any questions about the beach clubs featured or need to rent a boat, get in touch with us. If you want a more private island experience, read our Guide on The Best Way to Visit Rosario Islands. We’ll ensure you get the best option at the best price, with the care and attention you expect from a dedicated concierge.