Best Apartment Paint Colors for 2022

As time passes, our preferences change, and so does our desire to update our living spaces. One fantastic way to update the look of your apartment or condo is by painting the walls. With so many apartment painting ideas available, it’s essential to choose the right color that will transform your space. The right paint color can make small spaces feel cozy, elegant, or bright, rather than cramped, boring, or uncomfortable. To help you make the best choice for your apartment, we’ve compiled a list of the top paint colors for apartments in 2022, along with tips and tricks to make your space look its best.


The popular color trends of the past are making a comeback, and aqua and teal are no exception. These shades, which were big in the 1950s, are now reinvented to bring a modern feel to your living space. Aqua and teal have calming and soothing benefits associated with blue and green colors, but they add a pop of vibrancy to any room. They are particularly great for apartment paint schemes that aim for a beachy vibe.

Blush Rose

If you want your apartment to stand out without being too overpowering, consider using blush rose as your wall color. This exciting shade of pink adds radiance to your space without overwhelming the eyes. Blush rose walls can change appearance throughout the day as they absorb and reflect light, creating a dynamic and lively atmosphere. Under artificial light, they can even take on a silver or purple tone. Say goodbye to plain white walls and embrace the warmth and elegance of blush rose.


For a soft and warm ambiance, choose a gentle coffee color for your apartment or condo walls. This versatile shade of brown creates a cozy feeling and can be paired with various furniture and fixture colors. Coffee walls can achieve both a traditional and modern look, depending on the color scheme you choose. For a unique and out-of-the-box combination, consider pairing coffee walls with turquoise. Alternatively, classic options include copper, orange, white, or yellow.


Chocolate brown is currently a popular choice for apartment color schemes. This rich and dark color adds depth and elegance to any space, making a bold statement that will surely draw compliments. Although not as widely known as other neutral paint colors, chocolate brown is a showstopper in apartments and condos.


If you prefer a more subtle approach and don’t want to make a bold statement with your apartment walls, cream is the perfect choice for you. Just a few shades darker than white, cream creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Cream walls are versatile, and almost any furniture or fixture combination will match beautifully. Interior designers often favor cream walls for their ability to create a harmonious backdrop for various design elements.


Another popular color for apartment walls in 2022 is sage. This light, relaxing shade creates a calming space, making it perfect for bedrooms or areas where you want to unwind. Sage pairs well with a variety of colors and furniture styles, giving you the benefits of a neutral color while still adding a touch of vibrancy to your space.

Dark Blue

Contrary to popular belief, dark colors can actually make a room look larger by creating depth and enhancing the overall aesthetic. Dark blue is a modern twist on the classic dark look for apartments and condos. It’s moody and intense, perfect for expressing a strong personality in a small space. Dark blue walls can also emphasize the beauty of your fixtures and decor, adding a touch of elegance.

Sky Blue

If you have a poorly-lit apartment or condo, consider painting the walls sky blue. This light blue shade is an excellent choice for opening up small spaces and adding brightness to rooms lacking natural light. Sky blue walls can make your space feel airy and refreshing. You have two options when painting your walls sky blue: creating a warmer ambiance by pairing it with gold, yellow, and cream-colored accents, or opting for a cooler vibe by pairing it with gray furniture and accents.


For a cozy and earthy feel, consider painting your room in an ochre shade. Ochre comes in various warm tones, ranging from yellow to orange to brown. It’s a more exciting choice than beige or tan and adds a unique depth to your apartment. To enhance the look, pair ochre walls with warm tones like copper, rusts, and sage green. Adding bronze and copper metal fixtures will provide extra pops of color that match well with the walls.


Greige, a combination of gray and beige, is the go-to neutral color for small apartments. With the warmth of beige and the cool tones of gray, greige creates a harmonious and universally loved shade for your walls. It allows your furniture and decor pieces to shine while adding depth and interest to your space.


If you want a sleek and sophisticated look, silver is the way to go. This color enhances small spaces and adds a touch of elegance. Pair silver walls with black, metal, or dark blue accents for a casual and cool ambiance. To warm up the room, consider adding light gold, rose, or understated orange decorations. Silver is a chic color choice that adds a touch of class to any room.

Light Gray

When it comes to chic and timeless apartment living room color schemes, light gray is the perfect choice. This cool-toned shade offers more depth than plain white but still maintains a classic and modern appearance. Light gray walls, especially when paired with white trim, never go out of style.

Soft Yellow

Soft yellow is a wonderful hue to paint throughout your apartment. It adds warmth to your space and brightens up the ambiance, making it feel welcoming and open. This vibrant and happy color complements white ceilings and trim, creating a harmonious and cheerful atmosphere. Soft yellow is an excellent choice for studio apartment paint colors.


White is a classic and versatile color that never goes out of style. It evokes feelings of cleanliness, freshness, and peace. White walls can make a space look larger and provide a blank canvas for hanging decorations and artwork. Choose the right shade of white for your apartment to create a peaceful and clean environment. White is a favorite among interior designers due to its ability to match almost anything, making it a safe and timeless choice for your walls.

When designing your apartment’s color scheme, it’s crucial to consider the specific rooms and their unique features. Different shades are better suited for certain spaces. Here are some go-to color themes for each room in your apartment:

Whole Interiors

If you want to use the same color throughout your entire apartment, it’s best to choose a light neutral shade that complements every room, regardless of size or lighting. White, light gray, beige, or greige are excellent choices. These shades are timeless and will match your decor in any room.


When choosing apartment color schemes for hallways, consider the width and amount of light in the space. Wider hallways or those with ample natural light can handle deeper hues like dark blue or chocolate, which add interest to the transitional space. On the other hand, narrow hallways or those lacking natural light are better suited for lighter and brighter paint colors like white or sage.


Calming and soothing paint colors are ideal for bedrooms. You want to create a space that promotes relaxation and a good night’s sleep. Opt for neutral shades or tones of blue and green. These colors have a calming effect and will help you unwind.

Living Rooms

The possibilities for condo living room paint ideas are endless, depending on your style and the space you have. If your living room is small and lacks natural light, consider using light, neutral shades to create an open and airy feel. However, if your living room receives plenty of light and lacks interesting architectural elements, darker and bolder paint colors, such as navy blue, can add personality and depth to your space.


Kitchens often have their own personality, with different colors and materials used for flooring, cabinets, and hardware. Your paint color should complement these existing elements. Soft yellow shades and sky blues are excellent choices for kitchen paint colors as they highlight the natural light commonly found in kitchens.


Bathrooms are a great place to be bold with colors. This small space allows you to experiment with various hues without overwhelming the overall design of your home. Teal and aqua colors bring in sea-like elements, while light blue and sage create a calming atmosphere.

Condos and apartments are typically smaller than houses, but there are techniques you can use to make your space appear larger. Your choice of paint colors plays a significant role in creating the illusion of a bigger apartment. Here are five techniques to consider:

Use Single Paint Color Themes

To create the illusion of a larger space, opt for a single paint color theme throughout your apartment. This seamless approach connects rooms and tricks the eye into perceiving a more extended area. By eliminating color borders that can make spaces feel smaller, you can achieve a cohesive and open feel. Lighter neutral shades work best for this purpose, as they work well in every room.

Go With Bold Shades

Bold colors can bring life to small spaces and make them feel more open. Vibrant and rich shades add vibrancy and become the focal point of the room, diverting attention from the actual size of the space. It’s important to stick to one bold color to avoid a cluttered and disjointed feel.

Solid Hues

Using solid colors on your apartment walls adds depth and makes them feel less flat. Solid shades create visual interest and make spaces appear larger. You can create depth by color-blocking, using two solid colors to open up the space. For example, painting your walls yellow with a deep orange accent will add depth and emphasize the expansiveness of the room.

Disguising Low Ceilings

Low ceilings can make apartments feel cramped and confined. To combat this, consider the color of your ceiling in addition to the walls. White, light blue, yellow, or beige ceilings can create the illusion of height and make the space feel larger. Be sure to choose a color lighter than the walls to enhance the sense of openness.

Add a Pop

Adding pops of color to your apartment decor can enhance the overall appearance of your space. Incorporate accent pieces that complement your paint colors and work with the existing structural components of your apartment. For example, painting a radiator a bright color can turn it into a surprising accent piece. Another option is to paint an accent wall that complements your furniture, bringing vibrancy and creativity into your space. Remember, apartment paint ideas can reflect your personal style and add a touch of uniqueness to your home.

Selecting the perfect color for your apartment requires careful consideration. Here are a few expert tips to help you make the best choice for your space:

Use Clear Colors

Opt for clear colors when choosing paint for your apartment. These are easily identifiable colors, shades, and hues that visually expand rooms and give the impression of a larger space. Clear colors “travel” across the walls, extending the length and width of the room. Choose concise colors that will create a cohesive and spacious look.

Add Strips of Color

To make a room appear taller, consider adding strips of color. These strips can extend the height of the room and create a visually elongated space, similar to wearing vertically striped clothing to appear taller. Experiment with strips of different widths or colors to add an interesting element to your apartment decor.

Pick a Focal Wall

Focal walls are a fantastic way to make a small room feel larger while expressing your creativity. By painting one wall a different color from the rest of the room, you create a visually striking display that draws attention and adds depth to the space. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase artwork or other decor items.

Unite Spaces with Different Shades

Using various shades of the same color is a great way to unify adjoining rooms and create a cohesive design for your apartment. When exploring apartment color schemes, consider using different shades or tones of a single color across two or more rooms. This design choice provides continuity and a pleasing appearance throughout your space.

Whether you prefer neutral and light colors or deeper shades with an element of surprise, there are countless options to choose from when designing your apartment. While selecting paint colors for your apartment can feel overwhelming, Ambassadeur Hotel is here to help. Our team of experts can provide color consultations to guide you in finding the perfect hues for your space. Additionally, we offer professional painting services to ensure a flawless finish that will transform your apartment into your dream home.

To get started on reinventing your space, schedule an estimate with Ambassadeur Hotel or contact us today. Your dream apartment is just a brushstroke away!