American Gold Reserve: An In-Depth Review

If you’re interested in the network marketing industry or concerned about the potential economic collapse, chances are you’ve come across or will soon hear about American Gold Reserve. As the newest player in the precious metals MLM scene, the question arises: will American Gold Reserve break the cycle of unsuccessful bullion MLMs, or will it follow in the footsteps of its predecessors? Before making any decisions, whether it’s joining the MLM, becoming an American Gold Reserve affiliate, or simply purchasing gold and silver from an AGR representative, it’s crucial to uncover the truth about American Gold Reserve.

Overview of American Gold Reserve

American Gold Reserve operates as an MLM company that offers a wide range of gold and silver bullion products. Their inventory includes rounds and bars of various sizes, minted exclusively at the Old Glory Mint located in Northern Utah. Interestingly, the group that owns American Gold Reserve also owns Old Glory Mint. According to their website, American Gold Reserve’s mission is crystal clear: “Our mission is to ensure that gold and silver are accessible to as many people as possible, at the lowest possible price. We achieve this by allowing individuals to purchase gold and silver at a great price from trusted sources and earn commissions by helping others do the same.”

Becoming an American Gold Reserve Affiliate

Becoming an American Gold Reserve affiliate is a straightforward process with no sign-up fees involved. As stated verbatim on their website, there are two ways to become an affiliate:

  1. Purchase a product from the American Gold Reserve website, obtain an Affiliate ID, and personally introduce a new customer to AGR. Once the new customer makes a purchase, your Affiliate status is activated. You’ll be placed into the 3×9 Matrix under the AGR Reward affiliate who enrolled you, allowing you to earn commissions and overrides on future purchases made by customers and affiliates you introduce.


  1. Introduce two new customers to AGR without making any purchases yourself. After the second new customer makes a purchase, your Affiliate status is activated. Similar to the previous method, you’ll be placed into the 3×9 Matrix under the affiliate who enrolled you, enabling you to earn commissions and overrides on all future purchases by the customers and affiliates you introduce.

As you introduce more people to American Gold Reserve, additional aspects of their compensation plan become accessible.

The Basics of American Gold Reserve’s Compensation Plan

American Gold Reserve provides a compensation plan that pays out 80% of the margin or spread above the “spot price” in commissions to its affiliates. The 3×9 Matrix Software incorporates compression and roll-up, ensuring that each level within the matrix pays out 5% commissions. Additionally, three generations of matching paychecks are available, with percentages of 50%, 25%, and 25% respectively. Furthermore, 5% of all sales are allocated to the Company Wide Bonus Pool.

Earning Potential with American Gold Reserve

The burning question on everyone’s mind is: how much money can you make with American Gold Reserve? The answer depends on time and volume. Historically, bullion MLMs have faced a critical dilemma. Overprice the product, and you eliminate your market share. Maintain competitive pricing, and there’s very little profit left to compensate your representatives. Ultimately, volume will determine whether American Gold Reserve affiliates can earn substantial paychecks. The threshold to be eligible for compensation in the 3×9 matrix is relatively low, with affiliates only required to purchase or sell approximately $80 worth of AGR products. Thus, the key question becomes: will a significant number of people purchase from American Gold Reserve, and will their buying quantities consistently surpass the monthly requirements?

My Thoughts on American Gold Reserve

After listening to some of AGR’s conference calls and conversing with its affiliates, I’ve formed my own perspective on American Gold Reserve. While it may not be the ideal platform for those seeking life-changing income in MLM, the demand for gold and silver has never been higher, giving American Gold Reserve excellent timing. I regard American Gold Reserve as a means for individuals to help themselves and others obtain the best possible pricing on gold and silver. Consider this scenario: if you were already buying $200 worth of competitively priced gold or silver and receiving a commission check ranging from $5 to $100, you would effectively offset the cost of your precious metals, thus acquiring them at a lower price compared to other sources. Additionally, having a home business through AGR can offer tax savings, adding yet another discount to your gold and silver purchases. In essence, if you were already considering buying gold and silver, American Gold Reserve makes sense. However, if you’re looking for a full-time income and beyond in Network Marketing, AGR doesn’t receive my vote. However, only time will tell if I’m proven wrong.

To Your Success,

Justice Eagan

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