Blessed with over 300 golden sunlit days annually, we are nestled in the vibrant core of the French Riviera, a mere 15 km journey from Nice International Airport.

About Ambassadeur Hotel

Situated in the heart of Juan-les-Pins on France’s illustrious Riviera, the Hotel Ambassadeur owes its inception to the vision of Jean Blanc during the dawn of the 20th century. From the humble beginnings of a quaint villa, Jean’s transformative touch during the 1920s elevated it to a lavish hotel. This metamorphosis signified the onset of the hotel’s celebrated journey in the annals of distinguished hospitality.

Uncover A Standout Location

“Beside Juan-les-Pins’ gentle waves, a vision stirred within me—a place where sunlight’s touch harmonized with pure sophistication. And thus, the foundation of Hotel Ambassadeur was laid, an enduring symbol of my fervor for crafting an ageless haven of comfort and grandeur along the cerulean Mediterranean.”

– Jean Blanc, founder of Ambassadeur Hotel


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